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Pet สัตว์เลี้ยง

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Pet สัตว์เลี้ยง

Npc ขายอุปกรณ์เกี่ยวกับสัตว์เลี้ยงและอาหาร พิกัด เมือง morroc 266 170



  • สัตว์เลี้ยงมีผลเพิ่มสถานะสเตตัสเท่านั้น ไม่สามารถใช้สกิลสัตว์เลี้ยงได้
  • สัตว์เลี้ยงไม่สามารถทำ evolution ได้


รายละเอียดสัตว์เลี้ยงแต่ละชนิดมี ดังนี้

Monster Taming Item Food Accessory Bonuses
Alice 1275.gif?nocache=195684715 Soft Apron White Potion None MDEF +1, Demi Human Resistance +1%
Baby Desert Wolf 1107.gif?nocache=1086605635 Well-Dried Bone Pet Food Transparent Head Protector INT +1, SP +20
Bacsojin (White Lady) 1518.gif?nocache=1450946095 Gingerbread Cookie Traditional Cookie None +sp 1%
Baphomet Junior 1101.gif?nocache=2146705111 Book of Devil Honey Skull Helm DEF/MDEF +1, Stun Resistance -1%
Bongun 1188.gif?nocache=367280057 Her Heart Pet Food Grave Keeper's Sword VIT +1, Stun Resistance +1%
Chonchon 1011.gif?nocache=283044196 Rotten Fish Pet Food Monster Oxygen Mask AGI +1, FLEE +2
Christmas Snow Rabbit 2210.png None Candy None During Christmas: EXP +2%, MATK +2%
Chung E (Green Maiden) 1631.gif?nocache=1511699823 Tantan Noodle Bun None DEF +1, Demi Human Resistance +1%
Civil Servant (Mao Guai) 1513.gif?nocache=1208783733 Fan of Wind ?? ?? Max SP +10
Deleter (ground) 1385.gif?nocache=1887586024 Holy Marble Whole Barbecue ?? None
Deviruchi 1109.gif?nocache=952303784 Contract in Shadow Shoot Pacifier ATK/MATK +1%, HP/SP -3%
Diabolic 1382.gif?nocache=1105198453 Red Burning Stone Meat Veggie Skewer ?? None
Dokebi 1110.gif?nocache=214675158 Old Broom Pet Food Wig MATK +1%, ATK -1%
Drops 1113.gif?nocache=272348671 Orange Juice Yellow Herb Poring Pet Backpack HIT +3, ATK +3
Dullahan 1504.gif?nocache=1844655246 Luxury Whisky Bottle Sunset on the Rock ?? CRIT +5
Goblin Warrior (Flail) 1123.gif?nocache=543000508 Flail Goblin Ring ?? ?? None
Goblin Warrior (Hammer) 1125.gif?nocache=1165728484 Hammer Goblin Ring ?? ?? None
Goblin Warrior (Dagger) 1122.gif?nocache=1948892327 Knife Goblin Ring ?? ?? None
Goblin Leader 1299.gif?nocache=1496432739 Staff of Leader Big Scell ?? Demi Human Resistance +3%
Golem 1040.gif?nocache=686397356 Magical Lithography Mystic Stone ?? FLEE +5%, HP +100
Gremlin 1632.gif?nocache=2030379906 Aircraft Part Cheap Lubricant ?? When intimacy is Cordial, DEX +1, HIT +1.
When intimacy is Loyal, DEX +2, HIT +1.
Hunter Fly 1035.gif?nocache=424591994 Monster Juice Red Gemstone Monster Oxygen Mask FLEE -5, Perfect Dodge +2
Imp 1837.gif?nocache=1675731640 Ice Fireworks Flame Gemstone Horn Barrier
Fire Element Resistance + 2%, Damage to Fire Element monster +1%
Incubus 1374.gif?nocache=938148674 Girl's Naivety Lively Flower (Yellow) None
SP +5%, 2% chance of gaining 5% of the damage inflicted with an enemy as SP with each attack
Isis 1029.gif?nocache=1992295516 Armlet of Obedience Pet Food Queen's Hair Ornament MATK -1%, ATK +1%
Leaf Cat 1586.gif?nocache=483517343 Very Soft Plant Fish With Blue Back ?? Increases tolerance to Brute monsters
Little Poring 1002.gif?nocache=2091504573 Little Unripe Apple Apple Juice ?? HP Recovery +50%
Loli Ruri 1505.gif?nocache=348718631 Very Red Juice Pumpkin Pie Fashion Glasses
HP +3%, has a low chance of activating Heal Lv.1 when being physically attacked
Lunatic 1063.gif?nocache=2049618402 Rainbow Carrot Carrot Juice Silk Ribbon CRIT +2, ATK +2
Marionette 1143.gif?nocache=1938541713 Delicious Shaved Ice Small Snow Flower ??
Has a low chance of activating +20 tolerance to Neutral property monsters while being physically attacked
Medusa 1148.gif?nocache=254345719 Splendid Mirror Apple Pudding ?? VIT +1, Tolerance to the Stone Curse status +5%
Miyabi Doll 1404.gif?nocache=1086214109 Girl's Doll Well-Ripened Berry ?? INT +1, Variable Cast Time -3%
Munak 1026.gif?nocache=1575191498 No Recipient Pet Food Punisher INT +1, DEF +1
New Year Doll 1963.gif?nocache=1762955730 Event Only Mojji None None
Nightmare Terror 1379.gif?nocache=245187358 Hell Contract Fresh Plant ?? Tolerance to the Sleep status +10%
Nine Tail 1180.gif?nocache=623708774 Sap Jelly Suspicious Bottle ?? When intimacy is Cordial, CRIT +2, HIT +2
When intimacy is Loyal, CRIT +3, HIT +2.
Orc Warrior 1023.gif?nocache=417787793 Orc Trophy Pet Food Wild Flower ATK +10, DEF -3
Pecopeco 1019.gif?nocache=1739080079 Fatty Chubby Earthworm Pet Food Battered Pot HP +150, SP -10
Petit (ground) 1155.gif?nocache=2117468015 Shining Stone Pet Food Stellar Hairpin DEF/MDEF -2, ASPD +1%
Picky 1050.gif?nocache=1901293295 Earthworm the Dude Red Herb Tiny Egg Shell STR +1, ATK +5
Poison Spore 1077.gif?nocache=487151457 Deadly Noxious Herb Pet Food Bark Shorts STR +1, INT +1
Poporing 1031.gif?nocache=315243745 Bitter Herb Green Herb Poring Pet Backpack LUK +2, Poison Element Resistance +10%
Poring 1002.gif?nocache=690332848 Unripe Apple Apple Juice Poring Pet Backpack LUK +2, CRIT +1
Rice Cake 1815.gif?nocache=419825845 Chewy Rice Powder Green Herb None Neutral Element Resistance +1%, HP -1%
Rocker 1052.gif?nocache=702532597 Singing Flower Pet Food Rocker Glasses HP Recovery +5%, HP +25
Santa Goblin 1607.gif?nocache=1237549267 Sweet Candy Cane Scell None HP +30, Water Element Resistance +1%
Savage Babe 1167.gif?nocache=353443679 Sweet Milk Pet Food Green Lace VIT +1, HP +50
Scatleton image.gif.20143e9bd9e44aa172d8b8d4d2b14337.gif Event Only Fresh Fish Red Bell Necklace
Shinobi 1401.gif?nocache=1946114725 Kuloren Grilled Rice Cake None AGI +2
Skelion image.gif.784782a4309d1dbec50ba16ccae6f051.gif Event Only Delicious Meat Red Scarf None
Smokie 1056.gif?nocache=911437611 Sweet Potato Pet Food Red Scarf AGI +1, Perfect Dodge +1
Sohee 1170.gif?nocache=710504885 Silver Knife of Chastity Pet Food Golden Bell STR +1, DEX +1
Spore 1014.gif?nocache=349586937 Dew Laden Moss Pet Food Bark Shorts HIT +5, ATK -2
Spring Rabbit 1322.gif?nocache=875720128 Event Only Bok Choy None None
Steel Chonchon 1042.gif?nocache=1361834355 Rusty Iron Iron Ore Monster Oxygen Mask FLEE +6, AGI -1
Stone Shooter 1495.gif?nocache=350286262 Oilpalm Coconut Plant Nutrient ?? Tolerance to Fire skills +3%
Succubus 1370.gif?nocache=1475520981 Boy's Pure Heart Lively Flower (Blue) Black Butterfly Mask Chance to drain 2% HP of the attack
Teddy Bear 1622.gif?nocache=1743808830 Little Doll Needle Cotton Bundle ?? When intimacy is Cordial, Max SP +50.
When intimacy is Loyal, Max SP +100.
Tikbalang image.gif.175c53ba3fc12b5c14f9e2a7b95e7de1.gif Tikbalang Harness Monster's Feed ??
Increases damage to Bakonawa, Bangungot, and Buwaya by 10%
Wander Man 1208.gif?nocache=1203880106 Vagabond's Skull Spirit Liquor ?? None
Whisper 1179.gif?nocache=1132062825 Ghost Coffin Damp Darkness ?? FLEE + 7, Enables the use of the skill Hide Lv.1
Wicked Nymph 1416.gif?nocache=542370900 Charming Lotus Morning Dew ?? Max SP +30, Increases SP Recovery
Yoyo 1057.gif?nocache=1911629433 Tropical Banana Banana Juice Monkey Circlet CRIT +3, LUK -1
Zherlthsh (Zealotus) 1200.gif?nocache=2004695380 Forbidden Red Candle Immortal Heart None ATK +2%, MATK damage to Demi Human +2%
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