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สรุปผล FIRST WAR 22-8-20

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กิจกรรม First Guildwar (Class 2-1 Revo Classic)

ประจำวันที่  22 สิงหาคม 2020

แจกรางวัล Guildwar 45,000B + Cash 550,000 Point

Castle War MAP


Hohenschwangau  aldeg_cas02 (2,000B Cash 55,000 Point) 193๏f`i`N
Nuernberg  aldeg_cas03 (2,000B Cash 55,000 Point) 188iyapokpok.
Eeyolbriggar  gefg_cas02 (5,000B Cash 55,000 Point) 11-กองโจร`Guild-
Yesnelph  gefg_cas03 (5,000B Cash 55,000 Point) 60Goc.
Mersetdeitz  gefg_cas05 (6,000B Cash 55,000 Point) 322gether.
Holy Shadow  payg_cas03 (7,000B Cash 55,000 Point) 12REVENGE
Sacred Altar  payg_cas04 (10,000B Cash 55,000 Point) 60Goc.
Kriemhild  prtg_cas01 (3,500B Cash 55,000 Point) 12REVENGE
Swanhild prtg_cas02 (3,500B + Cash 55,000 Point) 322gether.
Skoegul  prtg_cas04 (1000B  Cash 55,000 Point) 35Mystic`



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